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Permanent Makeup
A Revolutionary Innovation That Reveals Your Natural Beauty

Permanent cosmetics represent a revolutionary innovation in makeup, and more and more women are enjoying the convenience they provide. Application of permanent makeup, or micropigmentation, is the process by which color is implanted with a needle or group of needles into the dermal layer of the skin. Micropigmentation can be performed at The Gunter Center for Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery to enhance naturally the appearance of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips and give your facial features more color and definition. Permanent makeup is applied at our Dallas, Texas surgical center by Cindy Nickel, a registered nurse who has extensive experience performing the micropigmentation procedure. Furthermore, permanent makeup can be combined with a host of other cosmetic procedures, including brow lift, facelift, or injectable treatments, for a more comprehensive facial makeover.

Lip Liner/Color

The procedure to apply permanent lip color is a wonderful solution for women who have difficulty keeping lipstick on. A soft, natural lip color, or a more dramatic color, if desired, can be achieved. Anyone with a history of fever blisters or shingles will be given a prescription for an antiviral medication to help prevent the possibility of them erupting after the procedure. Permanent makeup for the lips can even be used to reshape asymmetrical or thin lips.


Permanent color for eyebrows can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love the procedure and the time saved not applying pencil. Women who have had a loss of eyebrows due to disease, medication, trauma, or aging should consider this simple and effective procedure. Our skilled nurse can uses permanent makeup to achieve subtle results at our Dallas, Texas office for patients who visit us from throughout the country.

Eye Liner

Permanent eyeliner can create a subtle, natural look with pigment placed only in the lash line, making the lashes look fuller and thicker. Some patients may opt for a bolder, more definite line. With permanent eyeliner, tears, perspiration, or water won’t fade or smudge the color. It is a popular procedure for those who wear contact lenses, are allergic to conventional makeup, or have dexterity difficulties which inhibit accuracy when applying eyeliner.

Permanent Makeup Consult Paperwork

Before your consultation, we request that you fill out our paperwork to expedite your visit. Please download and print the following PDF paperwork:

Contact Cindy Nickel for Permanent Makeup in Dallas, Texas

For more information about the micropigmentation procedure, please contact Cindy Nickel, R.N., The Gunter Center’s permanent-makeup artist in Dallas, Texas. Contact our practice to speak with Cindy, or you may call her at 214.369.8123.

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