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Secondary Rhinoplasty
Fine-Tuning Previous Results To Give You The Nose You Deserve And Desire

What is Secondary (Revision) Rhinoplasty?

Secondary (revision) rhinoplasty is performed to correct problems that persist or develop after a previous rhinoplasty procedure. Our expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. C. Spencer Cochran, is known for his ability to improve unsatisfactory results and restoring a natural look to the nose.  Dr. Cochran has spent much of his career perfecting the techniques used to correct nose problems caused prior nasal surgery.

Candidates for Secondary Rhinoplasty

At times, the problems arising from a prior rhinoplasty are minor and can be easily corrected, but major problems require more expertise and skill than is necessary to perform primary rhinoplasty. This is because the normal anatomy is no longer intact and the tissue planes present before the first surgery are now filled with scar tissue, making it difficult to reposition the remaining cartilage and bone. Using advanced techniques perfected over years of study, Dr. Cochran can significantly, and sometimes dramatically, improve the appearance and function of a patient’s nose.


Surgery and Recovery

Using the most advanced secondary rhinoplasty techniques, Dr. Cochran strives to produce noses that appear natural, function properly, and are in balance and harmony with other facial features. To accomplish this, Dr. Cochran must reshape the supporting cartilage and bone and redrape the skin over the reconstructed nasal structure to give the nose its new shape. Recovery from secondary rhinoplasty usually takes no longer than the healing time for the first rhinoplasty. As with primary rhinoplasty, at first some bruising and swelling will be evident following the procedure, but within a few weeks there will be little outward indication that any surgery took place.

The patient’s wishes for the appearance of the nose are always considered, but often times limiting factors such as skin texture and thickness, the amount of scar tissue from the previous surgery, and facial proportions affect the outcome. Each of these factors plays an important role in what can be achieved through revision rhinoplasty. In a secondary rhinoplasty consultation at our Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas office, or in an Internet Consultation, Dr. Cochran will discuss what can be accomplished according to each patient’s specific situation.


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The work of Dr. Cochran has been widely acclaimed by plastic surgeons around the world. To schedule a consultation at the Dallas Rhinoplasty Center so you can learn more about secondary (revision) rhinoplasty, please contact our office. For more specific information about secondary rhinoplasty, please visit our Rhinoplasty USA website.