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A Letter From J.C. – 1 Year Post-Op

Posted under: Patient Testimonials — by Gunter Center August 6, 12

Dear Gunter Center,

I’m happy to report that I am doing very well, and have been remiss in expressing my good fortune and gratitude at having selected Dr. Bogdan as my surgeon.

From the beginning, Dr. Bogdan took time to explore my goals, and carefully assess my health and history. He explained the importance and relevance of obtaining certain information, and communicated likely outcomes, both positive and negative, to establish realistic expectations. He walked me through the process of pre-surgery prep, the surgery itself, and post-op recovery step-by-step, which helped lower stress and anxiety.

I am very pleased with the result – an improved yet natural appearance. Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure need look no further: Dr. Bogdan is a talented surgeon and a consummate professional – top notch in every respect.