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Happy Patients of Dr. Jack Gunter

Posted under: Patient Testimonials — by Gunter Center January 7, 10

“You are truly a very gifted surgeon. Your kindness and compassion is so comforting and appreciated.”

“I am so happy that my doctor sent me to you those many years ago. I love your new website. But you said on the website you have never done the perfect nose and I beg to differ!”

“I want to thank you for handling my care. The swelling is subsiding and insurance is cooperating. None of this would be possible without you and your wonderful staff. I am so very appreciative of the skill, concern, advocacy, and kindness shown to me.”

“I’m forever grateful to you for what you did for me. My nose is still beautiful, in perfect shape, and the breathing is 100% better. For the first time in my life I have normal oxygen flow. You have been given a tremendous gift that has changed so many lives, including mine!”

“Every day I am grateful to you for giving me such a beautiful and natural looking nose. Not to mention, I don’t snore anymore!”

“We truly appreciate your honesty and can now rest assured that we sought the best in the world!”

“May God continue to bless your work and all the patients who seek your counsel.”

“As the swelling subsides I can see a beautiful nose emerging. My husband says he needs to send you a bonus; he loves how I look and so do I!”

“When we met in your office, because of the language barrier, I could not express all I wanted to. I want to thank you for taking care of me, for being so comprehensive and for having understood my expectations regarding the aesthetic result. I’m really happy with my new nose and breathing function. I won’t forget you as a doctor and human being.”